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Our experience with Rich Frye and Andy was an absolute delight from beginning to end.  When our time was up at the end of the session, it felt like we were saying goodbye to a lifelong friend that we just wished there was more time to hang out with.  In other words, Rich made us feel like family, and that he was absolutely there for us.  And our time together was so enjoyable and fun that we didn’t want it to end.  The relationship we developed with Rich was far more than just a professional one.  By the end, friendship would be a more suitable description.Rich is personable, professional, confident, experienced, hardworking, efficient, flexible, attention to detail….I could go on and on.  For us having relocated to San Diego from San Francisco, coordinating things with multiple vendors for a wedding in the San Francisco Bay Area presented quite a challenge.  Rich worked with our schedule, was easily accessible, and kept in constant communication, which made the situation of coordinating long distance seamless.  He met with us a few days before the event to review the game plan, which made us feel much more at ease.  When our day came, we felt like we were in very good hands as he guided us through the day suggesting valuable input on how to capture the most important highlights to make our pictures memorable.  He is constantly thinking how we could tweak this picture to make it better and ideal.  For example, adjusting body position, lighting, hand position, posing….whatever small detail that needed to be adjusted, he saw it and made the change.  As a result, our pictures are fabulous and captured the many facets of the day.We could see it in his facial expressions, his sweat, his willingness to get into positions to capture the shot.  If sweat is a mark of effort, heart, and passion, Rich was sweating buckets going the extra mile to get things right and perfect. And that’s the kind of dilligence and care that we recognize and appreciate very much.Bottom line, we felt very comfortable to have our special day entrusted in the hands of Rich Frye and his staff.  His drive in making sure that we were satisfied with the product we were receiving was very refreshing.  That’s how business should be done in any industry.  Rich, you have earned our business and loyalty.  We will definitely spread the word to others looking for a great photographer.

Five stars out of five, all the way around!  Highly recommended!  You won’t be sorry.”

Again, we had an absolutely fabulous time working with you Rich.  At the end, my first instinct was “That’s it? Does the fun and our time have to end?”  Thanks Rich for everything.

Erica Marie and Jason

In planning our wedding, people would consistently tell me the most important vendor you get is the photographer. A friend of mine recommended Rich Frye and when I looked at his gallery online I was impressed. I immediately made an appointment. Rich talked us through how he worked and completely worked with our budget, he threw in an engagement session for free! That day was great because we were able to get a feel of what it would be like to be photographed on our wedding day. When the big day arrived, Pam was able to join him, so we had 2 photographersand they both did such an excellent job of capturing our day. They came in the morning to capture the getting ready photos of both my husband and myself. At the end of the day they had taken 1050 photos!! Though our day was amazing, it only lasted a day, but these pictures will last a lifetime. I am so grateful to Rich and Pam for capturing our unforgettable day.

Ellie and Miguel Dominguez

To whom it may concern:This is a note of thanks and appreciation to Rich and Pamela Frye of Rich Frye Photography for producing the most beautiful gifts of our wedding day.Diana and I started a tradition on our first anniversary of looking over all the photographs in our proof books of our wedding day. The first thing that jumped out at me was the quality of the photography. We had color and black and whites. Rich and Pamela were able to capture the subtle colors of light, the play of shadow, the wonderful backgrounds in a way only an experienced artist can feel. I could instantly hear the laughter of my best man and groomsmen as Rich tried to get us to strike a pose. We never felt rushed or bossed. The timeline for the photographs was detailed weeks in advance and updated as the big day approached. Diana and I used his detailed template for the entire days events.Rich and Pamela were available when we first met. The studio and Rich’s established website as well as his knowledge of digital imagery made our first discussion on what we would like our memories to include, both enjoyable and fun. He had a number of different packages to offer us, which made satisfying the in laws a simple job. Our final decisions on proof books and a number of 8 X 10’s kept the cost down and the job of managing the hundreds of possible photographs to a minimum. I have enjoyed showing some of my clients the online photo gallery over the last year, making my life that much richer by sharing our day with these friends who could not attend our wedding.I would recommend Rich Frye Photography to any interested party who wants quality photography at a reasonable price. Rich and Pamela have both the skills of accomplished business people the talent of respsected artists. Rich and Pamela really put that extra effort into their work, and it showed in our priceless memories as LOVE. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.Respectfully,

Stephen and Diana Nolan

Hello Rich and Pam Frye,
I just wanted to tell you how much Shelly and I appreciated your work at our wedding. Your skillful photography truly captured many special moments of our wedding. Also, your enthusiasm, knowledge, and pleasant demeanor made a very stressful situation into something fun and exciting. All my guests loved you and it has been an absolute pleasure working with you.

Glenn Thompson

We are very happy with our wedding photographs. We had originally booked another photographer for our wedding on August 9, 2009. However, when we received our engagement pictures from our first photographer we were not happy with the quality. So we looked for another wedding photographer and found Rich Photography when we looked at Google images and saw an engagement picture that had been taken by Rich Frye. I noticed the detail and background that was in the picture. My husband wanted a photographer that included a lot of background in our engagement pictures and wedding photos.

He also wanted a photographer that gave us direction on how to pose. So, we called and spoke with Rich. We scheduled an engagement session which we took at Baker Beach and Japanese Tea Garden. We were so happy with our engagement pictures and could see the difference in the quality of photography that we canceled the other photographer and booked our wedding photography with Rich Frye. We thought that the wedding photos came out beautifully. The background in the photos is nice and he gave us direction on how to pose for the photos. My friends and family liked the pictures. Rich Frye is very nice and very professional. I’ve recommended my friend who I found out was getting married and will recommend him to anyone that I know who is getting married.

Kristy and Robert Zufall 

Rich Frye was very professional and really took extra steps to make sure our wedding pictures came out great. We met with Rich about 9 weeks before our wedding. Rich offered to photograph our engagement photos right away. This was his way of making sure we were comfortable with his work. Rich had great suggestions of places to take our engagement photos. We met on a cold clear January morning at the Japanese Tea Garden, although it was freezing cold, Rich was able to work with us and make us feel so comfortable that the weather wasn’t a problem. The engagement pictures came out wonderful – so we were confident our wedding photos would also come out great.

We had our wedding at Stonetree Golf Club in Novato, although Rich had never photographed there before, he took it upon himself to visit the venue more than once to scope out possible backdrops. The morning of our wedding went smoothly because Rich already had the spots picked out. Pamela, Rich’s wife also came to the wedding to help with pictures, she was great as well and she was able to capture pictures of my Father and I getting ready to walk down the isle while Rich was set up to take pictures of us walking down the isle.

Rich and Pamela are extremely professional and we had numerous compliments about them from our guests. I would highly recommend them to anyone for their wedding, engagement or family photos.

Nichole English

Words cannot express how happy I have been with Rich and Pamela’s work. We’ve enjoyed their professionalism and images so much that have used them not only for our wedding, but our family portraits as well.They captivate our family’s personality in print like I’ve never seen before. I also have never met anyone who could keep all of our kids happy during a photography sitting. (They were 2, 4, and 16 at the time of our initial family portraits) This is no easy feat. I highly recommend Rich and Pam of Frye Photography and can’t wait for them to capture our latest addition.

Megan Frank

My fiance Matt and I met Rich through my old job and after learning that he was a professional photographer I instantly inquired with him if he did wedding photography. He was booked for the date of our wedding, much to my dismay, however he offered to do our engagement photos instead! Obviously neither Matt nor I had ever had engagement photos taken, so we had no idea what to expect. Rich met us at the Japanese Tea gardens in San Francisco. What I really liked about this was Rich had already mapped out the area and where the best places to take photos were. We were just along for the ride…which was nice b/c my fiance was a little nervous! As nervous as he was, Rich walked us step by step through the process and made us feel right at home. He was patient, kind and very professional. We then went to the Sutra baths (where my favorite photos were taken) and to the Cliff House. I was FLOORED when I got the photos back. They went beyond my expectations and I can’t tell you how bummed I was that he wouldn’t be able to be at my wedding. Rich made us both feel relaxed and confident that our photos would turn out to be gorgeous. But more than anything he was responsive with our ideas and turned every photo into a creative masterpiece. Anytime I wanted to contact Rich he was there whether it was via e-mail or telephone. There are some photos in my profile that Rich took. Oh, and I let it slip that I have always wanted to model, something that I’m sure will never happen…yet he let me take photos by myself and pretend like it wasn’t all just a dream. It was honestly one of the best moments for me. I mean, who does that?? Pretty amazing huh?? 

Aleyta Carroll

Rich was a fantastic photographer to work with. He had a difficult job of photographing 3 generations of family with 3 toddlers, 2 teenagers, and 8 adults outdoors, and in the end, he gave us great photographs and a wonderful memory of a rare family reunion. It was a typically chilly San Francisco day, but he got all of us to take photos at the Palace of Fine Arts for over an hour in good spirits, and then took extra time to lead us to the Bakers Beach for some more of great beach photos. He went out of his way to make it work for such a large family, and especially worked greatly with little kids. We are very happy with the work he did, and recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great service and wonderful photography.

Kim Family

Pam and Rich Frye are truly the nicest people we have ever met. They were absolutely amazing! They agreed to do our wedding on a moments notice and you would never have known it. They still found time to check out the site ahead of time, meet with us, discuss preferences etc.  When we were stuck without a minister, Rich offered to perform our ceremony! We were totally surprised by what a truly kind, thoughtful, and heroic offer that was. And he did a wonderful job and we are so grateful to him. Pam took our pictures and she was amazing. She is such a perfectionist and has an amazing eye for detail. Both Pam and Rich are so friendly and easy to work with. We were so comfortable and had a great time with them. After the ceremony we got the pleasure of having both Pam and Rich snapping our pictures and they work wonderfully together. When we got our pictures back we were amazed at the amount of pictures they had taken. There were so many remarkable shots, and several endearing photos. Pam did a fantastic job at capturing those special moments and giving them that extra magical touch. When we look at our pictures we are reminded of how much fun we had. The smiles on our faces are a true reflection of our day, not the phony photo “pose”. We would highly recommend Pam and Rich to anyone looking for a photographer. Your happiness and comfort are a priority for them and it shows not only in the exquisite photographs, but in their interactions throughout your special day! If you are searching for photographers, look no further, meet with them and you will see that you have found the best there is!

Ray and Colleen Rico

We met Rich of Rich Frye Photography through a friend of a friend who had hired him for her daughter’s wedding the year before at the Spinnaker in Sausalito.  Since we were also using the same location we hired Rich for our wedding, as it can be a difficult area for photos because it’s on the water, and we wanted a local photographer who had done weddings there before.  Rich was great in checking out the weather, the restaurant, setting a time schedule for family photographs, and constantly kept in touch with us during the planning of the event for well over a year.  He came up with suggestions for photos, the most important one being able to go to other locations for formal photographs.  And sure enough, the day of the wedding in July it was cold and foggy in Sausalito, so having a backup plan for the Palace of Fine Arts and the Golden Gate Bridge turned out to be some of the best photos of all.  We also met his wife Pam the day of the wedding, and both of them were wonderful in taking so many photos – over 700 for a four-hour event!  He also delivered the proof book in about six weeks as promised. It was a pleasure working with both of them and we would highly recommend them as a wedding photographer.

John and Katie Pederson

Hi Rich and Pamela,

Thank you for the exquisite job you’ve done photographing us on our wedding day.  You both made a potentially “hectic and exhausting fiasco” into a “playful and joyous photo extravaganza!!”  We especially appreciated your gentle coaxing of a ‘Pre-Wedding’ photo shoot in the city on the morning of the wedding.  It turned out to be great fun, got us relaxed and in the mood, and made the wedding ceremony go so much more smoothly. You cheerfully adhered to our somewhat unrealistic time frame, allowing you only a short amount of time after the wedding to shoot the wedding party and family portraits, and you were quick, professional, relaxed, and paid close attention to all the important details.  We couldn’t be more thrilled. As photographers too, we realized the bar was raised very high for you, and you exceeded our wildest expectations!  As one of our guests commented, “it was wonderful being caught up in the whirlwind of the wedding and being captured in the treasured photo vortex!!” Now that we have previewed the pictures, we realized that the toughest job of all will be to pick our top 500 favorites.  You two outdid yourselves! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to any family, friend or acquaintance…you made us look and feel like a million bucks! Thanks for all you’ve done for us.  We will treasure our photo memories forever, thanks to you!

Mark and Pamela Menges

Choosing our wedding photographer was one of the most important decisions for us.  Since pictures are the most tangible memento from a wedding, it was critical for us to capture the essence of what made our day special. Of all the professionals we hired for the day, Rich and Pamela’s preparationwas unsurpassed.  They are the epitome of professionals.  Although they were intent on understanding what we wanted, they also helped us navigate the sea of possibilities, coming up with great recommendations that fit our style. On the day, Rich and Pamela were extremely talented at coordinating our sea of family and friends.  They effortlessly got all the right people at the right spots, without being pushy.  Their presence was seemless during the ceremony and reception.  They were also conscious of our timeline and made sure to get us back to our guests with time to spare. We could not be happier with the end result.  We do not know how they did it, but we all looked spectacular in almost all the pictures!  There were so many sweet moments caught on film.  Those pictures are truly a porthole to our wedding; every time we look at them, we visit that very magical day.

Thank you Rich and Pamela for masterfully capturing our most special moments of our wedding day!

Nick and Ami Hontalas

Rich and Pam Frye of Rich Frye Photography really helped make our wedding day something spectacular! With all the details that have to be managed for a 150 guest wedding the one area we never worried about were our pictures. Rich and Pam really instilled us with such confidence that we just knew it was under control.CLietn Rich came out to our site twice, and even met with us once before that. He really made sure that he had a firm grasp on what we wanted from our wedding photographs, and we had so much fun taking pictures with him and Pam on our wedding day! They are both a real kick to have around. They made taking our wedding pictures fun and it really shows! Our pictures are incredible! I want to also mention how quickly we received them. They worked really hard to see to it that we had our album back faster than we ever imagined. We recommend Rich and Pam to every person that we hear is getting married.

We love their work so much we can’t wait to have them shoot family photos for us!

Matt and Holli McBride

All too often, when contracting for services these days, we, and probably many other people, tend to be either disappointed or just generally satisfied with the results they receive.  Our experience with Rich and Pam Frye is, instead, a story about expectations being greatly exceeded. Rich and Pam came through for us on many different levels when photographing our wedding.  They graciously accommodated covering our wedding date on relatively short notice.  Prior to our wedding, they met with us to discuss what our expectations, hopes and visions were for our photographs, including photographic style options and possible locations. Their experience allowed them to advise us as to what to expect for the weather conditions of the outdoor locations we would be using, what to bring to be comfortable…all in all, they made us feel comfortable that they knew their business and were completely there for us.  They were open to our suggestions, spontaneously tried new ideas we all came up with along the way, and made us feel a huge part of the development of our photographic story being captured on film that day. Because of this, it ended up being the most relaxed, fun and enjoyable part of our wedding day, no stress, but instead, lots of laughter. Because of this relaxed feeling and comfort level they gave us, we feel it lent to capturing a true representation of us and our personalities in our photographs. Their artistic/editorial shooting style is exactly what we were looking for. Out of the entire planning process for our wedding day, in retrospect, we are very glad that we made our photography a top priority, and that we chose Rich and Pam Frye.  It is the images and moments that Rich and Pam captured that we continually look back at and relive our wedding day memories through.  We highly recommend the Frye’s, and know you will be more than pleased with the results.

Britt and Kristine Guardino

Rich Frye Photography really captured the essence of our special day. We were really impressed by Rich’s previous work, so we decided to hire him to photograph our engagement and wedding photos.  We had a blast taking our engagement photos, Rich made us feel so comfortable that we started to really have fun taking the pictures.  Our wedding photos also turned out great– our parents and siblings remarked on how talented the wedding photographers were!  Rich and Pam took memorable photos to last a lifetime.

Steven and Angela Witjaksono

It was more than a pleasure to work with Rich and Pamela.  At our initial meeting we knew that Rich would be the right photographer to capture the memories of our wedding.  Not only were the quality of his product samples exceptional, but his enthusiasm to meet all of our personal needs, ‘sealed the deal’. As our day approached, we were impressed that Rich took the time to scope out our venues, which included the ceremony site as well as the hotel where we would be getting ready, on his own to survey the lighting and plan our ‘backdrops’.  He also joined us when we met with our sales rep for our final details appointment so that he could view the reception area as well as go over what he felt were ideal places to take formal pictures from his previous visit. He made great suggestions regarding where and when pictures should be taken. Because we took his suggestions to meet an extra hour prior to the ceremony, not only did he capture many, many formal shots, but our morning was calm, relaxed, not rushed, and stress free. At the reception, their presence was unobtrusive, yet our proof album showed that they were everywhere!  We have so many candid pictures as we and our guests celebrated our day. Rich’s attention to detail and eagerness to have us more than satisfied does not go unnoticed.  His suggestion for our proof album (spiral) was great…we almost don’t feel the need to get an ‘actual’ wedding album ;-). And when we wanted to edit our slideshow, he did so without hesitation.  When we expressed a desire to have the re-editing of the slideshow done in time for our visit with Dan’s family, he worked diligently to deliver our PERFECT slideshow. Rich and Pamela are aweome.  If we had to do our wedding over again, we would without a doubt, definitely hire them.  The only thing that we would have done differently is provide them with a list of pictures that we would have wanted.  Had we done that we are confident that, amidst all of the distraction a bride and groom have on their day, Rich and/or Pamela would have made it a point to ensure that specific photos were taken.

We would definetely recommend them to any couple who is planning their wedding.

Dan and Marian Metz

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know we appreciated all the hard work that you put into our Special Day and the following months it took to put our special Album together. There were several things we liked about how you handled our project. Punctuality, confidence, professionalism and flexibility. Whenever you said you would be somewhere you were there. Never missing an appointment. Now that says a lot since I’m also in the service business of 20yrs. Things do get hectic and you may need to arrange another time. But, you manage to have things organized to keep the said time. Rare indeed. Also, the confidence in presenting your work helped alive our worries of the important day. Not to mention working with the Videographer was flawless. The way you presented the layout from the beginning to end was clear as we understood our options. You also took more than the alloted shots to guarantee our satisfaction which shows determination and pride. Being flexible with what we liked and wanted are some things those of us in the service business know may tend to lean on our patience. But, you helped us make the decisions by letting us know some preferences of others and personal experience. I was especially impressed with the time you gave us to be sure of the changes before the album was proofed and completed.  That time gave us space to finally see ourselves objectively and make the necessary changes to present the ultimate album for a lifetime to our friends and family. We definitely feel like we received the Unique Album as the acrylic cover just magnifies the lengths to which you go in pleasing your customers. The fact that the pictures of our Special Day tell of the quality of service. All anyone has to do is see some of the images and it’s obvious that photography is more than a job to you. Rich and Pam we truly feel satisfied. If you ever need a referral , never hesitate to email or call us for as long as you like.

John & Mayra Dotson

Hi Rich and Pam,
Thank you for these pictures.  We are so thrilled and excited to see them and very much looking forward to seeing all that you have taken. Thank you so much for capturing such wonderful photos of our day. You both did an outstanding job and you were so great to work with. We would be happy to be a reference if you need and we will let our friends know about your services and your great work.

Warmest regards,
Pam and Dean Treadway

I have been a DJ who has worked at many weddings over the last 18 years. I can honestly say that being  involved in many weddings I’ve seen some truly great photographers. I would put Rich Frye in the top of the top of that list. He not only has an eye for what to shoot, and what not too, but adds class and style to his pictures. He has a way of capturing the moment, but without disturbing the whole ceremony. I know first hand (because I’ve seen him at work) that he pours time into making sure that each picture comes out incredible. Sometimes touching up photos to make them look their very best. He has some techniques that I just don’t see most photographers offer. Such as the mosaic tile pictures made up from shots of the wedding to make one big picture. I know that anyone who has hired him has had nothing but wonderful things to say about the work that he does. Rich’s work is not just pictures, but truly works of art.

I would recommend Rich Frye as the photographer to anyone.
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